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Transsexuals in Hong Kong are facing again another big blow! The Immigration Department in Hong Kong has just published the procedure of the change in legal gender in their website. The new policy for FTM (female-to-male transsexuals) is over stringent. To change their sex on their identity card, FTMs are required to undergo ALL three parts of surgeries ----- chest surgery, the removal of uterus and ovaries, and the construction of penis. Transgender Resource Center has received many requests for assistance recently. The applications of the change in legal gender by many transsexuals (who have the right to change their legal gender before the new policy) are all rejected by the Immigration Department after the adoption of the new policy.

Due to the high risk and harm caused by FTM surgeries, many countries have already adjusted the requirement of the change in legal gender according to the guidance of World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). However, the situation in Hong Kong has not improved but worsens.

Transgender Resource Center (TGR) has consulted Dr. Albert Yuen Wai Cheung, the master of Sex Reassignment Surgery in Hong Kong about this issue. Unexpectedly, the modification of policy is seems to be recommended by him. The destiny of the Hong Kong transgendered people are still being oppressed by the unreasonable and cruel medical hegemony.

Additionally, it is deeply regrettable that the wordings in the guidance published by the Immigration Department are highly discriminatory. In the second sentence, "persons who are diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorders" denotes morbid discrimination. No wonder the department has neglected and oppressed local transsexuals!

Transsexuals are already extremely burdened themselves with the pressure from their families and the misunderstanding by society. Worse, even after undergoing surgeries, they still have to face the government's unreasonable discrimination!

Reference to the amendment of Hong Kong identity card:
Q21. What procedures should be followed and what supporting documents should be submitted if I want to change the sex entry on my identity card?

WPATH Identity Recognition Statement​announcements_detail.cfm?pk_ann​ouncement=18

The procedure of the change in legal gender in United Kingdom:​Governmentcitizensandrights/Yourrightsandresponsibilities/​Findoutaboutyourrights/​DG_196581

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