Thank you for the 26 supporters and a few donated in some other channels for our "Trans Better Life" fundraising campaign! We also thanks for the support for the non-profit organization of the FringeBacker platform allow us to collect at the end of the campaign HK$19,367.65 although we cannot meet the fundraising target.

We would like to express our gratitude for the following donors who have donated HK$1,000 up!
(Please let us know if you would like to change your detail or put as anonymous)

Gold Sponsors

Mike Kung
Marc Rubinstein

Silver Sponsors

Janet Pang
Wong Ming Wai
Barnaby Levy
Wally Suphap
Wong Hung Fai

The following link is our FringeBacker fundraising project page for your reference. Although it has been ended, it will be good for you to understand our needs and continue to support us!

If you want to support us, please visit here:click me