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In 2016, Transgender Resource Center (TGR) took over online platform and put abundant resources to renew it. In the Pink Dot event on 25th September, 2016, we officially launched this social platform which specifically serving trans men/trans women, trans fans and trans friends. This is also a full-fledged LGBTIQS platform.

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Founded in 2015, is the first Transgender socialising and information sharing platform in Asia. In hope of connecting gender friendly people, especially transgender, intersex and transgender fans communities from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all other Asian countries through online technology. TransNation contains features such as socialising spaces, life-sharing message board and forum that everyone can communicate, support, share, or even develop romantic relationships in online world. ‘Trans’ means transcend. TransNation is also a fairyland for anyone who is deemed as unconventional regarding their gender identity.